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Idol Eyelash Growth Serum

The Idol Lash Growth Serum has become hugely popular, especially in the US. Idol Lash serum has a traditional, pointy brush that distributes the product evenly on the lash line. The producer claims that after only 4 weeks of systematic use, lashes will be 75% thicker.

As lashes take time to grow, achieving this spectacular result is simply not possible.

The first results are visible after two months of systematic use. Lashes become slightly thicker and shiner after using the Idol Lash for at least three months. Despite all marketing talk, Idol Lash does not make eyelashes appear thicker or darker. The cost of Idol Lash is around £30 for 5 ml of product.


  • Slight lash lengthening properties
  • Lashes seen to be healthier and stronger
  • Affordable price
  • Efficient


  • No thickening effect
  • Possible side effects including itchiness, eye swelling