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How to choose the best eyelash growth serum?

Effective eyelash growth serum should be the must have for any woman. How to pick the product that will satisfy all our needs and expectations? Keep reading to find out what to pay attention to when buying the eyelash growth serum.

Rule 1 Handy Applicator

The eyelash growth serum which has a small, pointy brush are the best and the most effective. When you draw an invisible line on the lash line, the active agents penetrate through the skin into the lash roots. Eyelash follicles are being nourished and moisturized so that they can produce long and healthy lashes. You can also pick the eyelash growth serum with the mascara-like brush but then you should realize that this product is not going to work to its full potential. Lash roots are not going to be nourished and therefore, lashes will remain roughly the same same length and thickness. Those kind of products restore lash structure, make them shiner and healthier, but to only small extend they influence the growth of lashes.

Rule 2 Ingredients

Most eyelash growth serums are packed with natural, plant-based ingredients. Numerous studies have shown that mineral and plant ingredients do work the best to enhance the lash growth. Most eyelash serums are rich in essential oils and vitamins, which works great on both lashes and the whole body.

Rule 3 Tests

Before each serum is released for sale, it has to undergo many tests to ensure it is safe for eyelash and skin. The majority of women who are about to buy an eyelash growth serum are bound to go online and read other users’ opinions and reviews. It is a good way to learn how the product works and get the unbiased view on its potential side effects.

Rule 4 Price

Not all gold what glitters. The truth is that those extremely expensive eyelash growth serums do not work any better than the averagely priced ones. It is important to realize that effective eyelash growth serum has to contain many vitamins and active agents that are quite pricey therefore, the enhancer cannot cost less that £30. If you came across the eyelash growth serum that costs £10, you know that it will not do its job properly.

 Rule 5 Treatment Time

Normally, eyelash growth serum treatment lasts 12 weeks. The first effects are usually visible after the first month of systematic use. In order to get the results promised by the lash serum producer, apply the product according to instructions for no shorter than 8 weeks.