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Are your lashes falling out? Use the eyelash growth serum!

Falling eyelashes may be the first sign of a disease or body dysfunction. If you suffer from lashes falling out, this article may put a light on the cause of the problem.

Cause of lashes falling out

There are many possible reasons. The most common causes are the skin allergy to the products you use on a daily basis. It may be the mascara that coats your lashes, or a moisturizing eye cream. It may be difficult to observe how your body reacts on particular cosmetic if you use it every day. Try to stop using eye products for some time, or swap it for organic ones for a week or two. If you see a positive change which means that the old beauty products were the cause of the lash issue. Another reason contributing to lashes falling out is the diet that lacks essential vitamins and minerals. Also wearing contact lenses may influence the lash growth cycle. Additionally, stress, inflammation of the hair follicle, and overusing the lash curler may cause your lashes falling out.

How to prevent lashes from falling out?

The quickest and the more effective way to stop lashes from falling out is using the eyelash growth serum. Lash enhancers were created to nourish lash follicles and provide them with deep hydration. Thanks to oils, vitamins, minerals, and peptides lashes become stronger, thicker, and longer. Additionally, eyelash growth serums extend the lash life phase so that lashes do not shed as often. The most popular ingredients used in the eyelash growth serums are hyaluronic acid, carnitine, vitamin E and B5. Anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera soothes the skin and reduces any irritation.
Regardless of the type of the serum, it is important to use it regularly so that lashes can become stronger and less prone to breakage. The average treatment lasts at least 12 weeks. The first effects are visible after the first month of systematic use.

When eyelashes are growing old

Eyelash life cycle lasts 90-150 days. After that time lashes naturally fall out and the new one grow in their place. Thanks to the eyelash, growth serum lashes do not shed prematurely or within 90 days but after 150 days.