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Feg Eyelash Growth Serum

The Feg eyelash growth serum makes lashes seem denser within the first month of systematic use. The Feg eyelash growth serum among many natural ingredients also contains bioplast, widely used to cure glaucoma. There is a risk that the colour of the rim of an eye may change to darker.

It does not happen often but overusing the serum which contains bioplast may cause this irreversible side effect.

Moreover, Feg eyelash growth serum may irritate the skin around eyes. The producer claims that the 6-week Feg treatment will make your lashes much longer and double their density. Tests show however, that lashes are stronger, more elastic but there is no thickening effect yet. Indeed, lashes get thicker but after completing 9th week of Feg treatment. Feg eyelash growth serum has a gel-like consistency and it does not run into eyes. It comes with a small brush, which makes the application a pleasure.


  • Lashes look healthier and stronger
  • Easy application
  • Affordable price
  • It can be used for brows and lashes
  • It increases the thickness of lashes over 9 week’s period


  • Does not make lashes grow very long
  • Many serious side effects
  • Many fake Feg serums on the auction websites