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Homemade eyelash growth serum

Safe, effective and personalized. Transform your own kitchen into the laboratory and create unique eyelash growth serum. For once, you can become the beauty expert. In fact, there is nobody else who knows your needs and body better than you do.


The most important part of each eyelash growth serum are ingredients.
Thanks to the right, plant based components, lashes are well hydrated, and they tend to grow long and thick. All ingredients used in the homemade serum hydrate lashes and rebuild their structure. The most common eyelash growth serum ingredients are: castor oil (nourishes lashes and make them darker), coconut oil (has anti-inflammatory properties, provide deep lash miniaturization), sweet almond oil (makes lashes shine), and Petroleum (gives the serum desired consistency and mixes well all other ingredients).


Eyelash growth serum should be kept in a cool place away from the sun exposure. The tube has to be tightly closed so that that the air cannot get not the product. It is important mainly for the hygienic reasons. Bacteria cannot spread without the access of air. Bathroom cabinet is the perfect place to store your homemade eyelash growth serum.
If you do not have a dark tube or glass, you can always use an empty cream container. Make sure that it is perfectly clear and that the lid works well. Another option is keeping the eyelash growth serum in the old mascara tube. Wash it with plenty of hot water mixed with the makeup remover to clean the tube first.

 Date of Use

Homemade eyelash growth serum does not contain any synthetic ingredient that normally extend the product shell life therefore your homemade serum ought to be used within 2 months before it will go off.


The homemade eyelash serum should be applied on the lashes starting from the lash roots all the way to the lash ends. None of the the lash serum created at home will not contain any harmful ingredients so you can also dab a small amount of it into the skin around eyes without any worries.