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Eyelash Growth Serum Reactivation

Eyelashes do not only play a decorative role but more importantly, they should protect our eyes from dust and any impurities. What to do when your lashes are short, brittle and in a bad condition?
Reactive them with the help of the eyelash growth serum.

Naturally short and sparse lashes

Not everybody was lucky to get a set of lust, fat lashes for our Mother Nature. We blame genetics for it not realizing that there is a simple way to ramp them up. Most of the eyelash growth serums contain vitamins and minerals that nourish lash follicle. As a result, lashes grow very thick and long. In many cases lashes become shiner and darker than before. The most common eyelash growth serum ingredient is hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronate. It helps restore the structure of the lash and it helps the active agents to penetrate through the skin into the lash roots.

Natural Long Lash Effect

Some women do not use the mascara and they do not have their lashes tinted, but their lashes still look amazing. Those women use the eyelash growth serum. After only one month of systematic use, lashes become much darker, longer, and thicker.

Lashes and lash curler

We do not realize but the makeup tool, which we use every day before applying mascara, may cause damage to our lashes. Lash curler is the must have for many of us. Unfortunately, it makes our lashes prone to breakage. As a result, lashes are shorter and shorter. Stop using the lash curler and swap it for an eyelash growth serum. You will be astonished to see how strong and long your lashes are. To put lashes in the desirable position without breaking their structure, use the lash serum with the mascara-like brush to comb them through.