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RapidLash – Eyelash Growth Serum

This is one of the very few eyelash growth serum that can be purchased in the local drug stores.
It is a widely recognized brand since it was introduced in Boots store chain. The whole treatment lasts 3,5 months but after only 8 weeks eyelashes are visibly volumized and a bit longer. The RapidLash formula is rich in many vitamins and minerals. Additionally, this eyelash growth serum has peptides in its formula, which encourage the eyelash thickness and overall growth.

When completing the whole 3-month treatment lashes are very long and thick.

Unfortunately, once the treatment is discontinued lashes start to shed very quickly. Within next 4 weeks, lashes go back to their original length and thickness. RapidLashg does not make lashes darker on shiner. The product can be used to enhance lashes and brows.


  • Quick results
  • Lashes long and much denser
  • Easy application
  • Affordable price


  • Numerous reverse effects including skin redness and itchiness
  • Lashes falling out once the treatment is over