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Hairplus eyelash serum

Hairplus is able to make eyelashes grow long and dense. Regardless sex of a user, the eyelash conditioner works mainly on eyelash roots making these strong and firmly attached to their follicles. Thanks to this feature, eyelashes become thicker and can grow longer. This process is possible due to trouble-free application.

Basically, Hairplus has to be put on both upper and lower eyelids, more precisely, on eyelash base.

Certainly, the eyelids must be cleansed and deprived of any drops of water that may gather while removing make-up. Only such an eyelid surface enables Hairplus reaching the follicles in order to regenerate and nourish these. While talking about application, the eyelash conditioner might cause irritations, especially among people having sensitive or delicate eyelid skin. What is more, the price of the cosmetic is not affordable for everyone.


  • Eyelashes become longer and denser
  • Regenerates, nourishes and strengthens follicles
  • Trouble-free application


  • May cause irritations
  • Expensive product