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Eyelash Growth Serum – LiLash

According to our research, LiLash turned out to be one of the most expensive eyelash growth serum in this comparison review. The whole treatment lasts over 14 weeks, which means two tubes of LiLash, £90 each. The price suggests that LiLash is enriched in some magical ingredients that are bound to work magic to our lashes. The results achieved are not as great as expected. Lashes are longer but there is no thickening effect. It is a good product if your lashes are already dense and you want them to grow in length.

The product comes in a nice tube which will satisfy the eyes of any aesthetician.

The first results are visible after the second month, which involves a lot of user’s patience. To see the full LiLash’ potential, it is essential to use it for 12-15 weeks depends on individual lash condition. After the LiLash treatment discontinuation, lashes keep growing long for another three to four months. Unfortunately, LiLash may cause side effects such as eye redness or slight burning sensation. To avoid unpleasant reverse effects remember to test your tolerance to the product before using it on your lash line. Put a tiny bit of the eyelash growth serum on the back of your wrist and see if the skin reacts to the product.


  • Lashes are much longer
  • Improved lash condition
  • Cute packaging


  • High price
  • Many side effects possible
  • Long treatment period
  • No lash thickening