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Latisse eyelash serum

This eyelash serum is destined for eyelash extension. Certainly, people having short, weak, and thin eyelashes are welcome to benefit from Latisse. Basically, it is recommended for both sexes.

The product is sold in a little bottle closed with a light green cork. The container stores 3 ml of Latisse, which is the amount required for conducting a 3-month treatment. On the positive side, the dosage of the cosmetic is effortless. Suffice to squeeze the bottle to get one drop of the cosmetic.

For the eyelashes being longer and slightly curled one has to wait around three or four weeks. As Latisse treatment is close to end, eyelashes get thicker and stronger. Unfortunately, the outcomes are not long-lasting and disappear after two months.

How to perform Latisse application?

To distribute the cosmetic on upper eyelash base, you have to separate one drop of the cosmetic and place it on a brush. There is no need in reapplying Latisse several times per day nor to coat eyelashes with it. This manner of use will not speed up production of outcomes. Naturally, if the product reaches eyes, irritation might be generated. Once it happens, it is advisable to rinse eyes with warm water and stop the treatment to enable irritations fade away. If the discomfort becomes stronger, it is necessary to consult a physician.


  • extends and curls eyelashes
  • easy application
  • package


  • outcomes do not last long
  • irritations